Changing Company Details

Here’s a little info about the Form 484 and its ability to change company details, specifically changes related to members (shareholders), officeholders (directors and secretaries), addresses, and other key information.

The form is important for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records for the company.

Form 484 can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Notification of changes in company details: This could include changes in officeholders, addresses, member details, and more.
  • Cessation of officeholder: If a director, secretary, or other officeholder resigns or retires, the company needs to notify ASIC using Form 484.
  • Appointment of officeholder: If a new director, secretary, or other officeholder is appointed, this information needs to be updated with ASIC.
  • Change in company shares: If there are any changes in the company’s share structure, such as issuing new shares or transferring shares between members, this information is reported through Form 484.

Waive offers smart workflows to allow you to create and send the ASIC Form 484’s to your client in just minutes.

Included in the workflow is the ability for you to invoice your clients and free electronic signing.

Making ASIC company changes is seamless with Waive and perfect for inexperienced team members.